National Dialogue Forces Called for Finding Peaceful Solution to Present Challenges

By: Najat Ahmed

Khartoum- The Forces of the National Dialogue have announced their intention to stage the procession of the stability and security of the Sudan at the Martyrs Square in Khartoum today, Thursday, to express the importance of inclusive dialogue, calling for finding a peaceful solution that prevents slipping of the country into violence and instability.
This came in a press conference held by the political forces and the movements that are signatory to peace.
The forces of the National Dialogue praised the security organs for dealing with the demonstrators in a civilized way.
The Forces of the National Dialogue and the movements that are signatory to peace intend, according to the Chairman of the Committee for Resolving the Political Crisis, Bahr Idris Abu-Garda, to affirm that all agree on safeguarding the unity and safety of the Sudan.
Chairman of the Political Sector of the National Congress Party Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al Khidir, on his part, called on all political forces to build effective partnerships that enable the country to surpass the current challenges for the benefit of all the citizens.
Dr. Al Khidir described the address made by the President of the Republic recently before the Higher Coordinative Committee of the National Dialogue as a comprehensive initiative that include all issues of concern to the citizens, saying that the initiative finds welcome as it launches dialogue for unifying the national ranks without excluding any one.

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