Petronas Company: We Give Special Consideration for Cooperation with Sudan

By: Shadia Basheri

Khartoum- President of Petronas Company in Sudan Engineer Azhan Ali has said that the company gives special consideration for cooperation with Sudan, noting that the company has exempted Sudan from the reduction operations that covered all its projects in the world.
The Minister of Petroleum and Gas Engeer Isag Adam Bashir Gamaa praised the role assumed by Petronas Company in oil and gas industry in Sudan, stressing the importance of joint technical cooperation and developing the investments of the company, which is considered as a pioneering one in the oil and gas industry in the country.
He affirmed that Petronas Company is considered as a strategic partner in the oil sector.
The minister got acquainted during his visit to the premises of the company on its history in Sudan since 1995.
The minister pointed out that cooperation with Petronas is important for developing the oil sector in Sudan for mutual benefit.
The President of Petronas Company in Sudan, on his part, said the company has been a strategic partner in exploration and production of oil in Sudan since its entry into the country in 1995.

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