Police: Outlaw Groups Utilized Situations to Commit Looting Acts in Khartoum

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- The Official Spokesman of Police Forces, Maj. Gen. Hashim Ali Abdel-Rahim, has said that outlaw groups have utilized the situations the country witnessed during the past days to commit looting acts against citizens at roads and markets at a number of areas of the national capital of Khartoum.
Abdel-Rahim affirmed in a press statement that many public and private properties were subjected to looting and burning, including markets and administrative and police premises.
He announced that police has reinforced its presence at all areas that might be targeted in fulfillment to its duties towards protecting the security of the citizens.
The spokesman of the police forces called on the citizens to cooperate with police through information and preventing fires and blocking of roads, which affect the movements of the citizens, pollute the environment and pose a threat to public safety. These acts also impede traffic movement in general and that of police patrols.
Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Jabal Awli Locality, south of Khartoum, Al Yasaa Sidek Al Taj, disclosed looting and sabotage acts against government units and private and public properties.
He explained that outlaw groups and elements looted a number of shops owned by the citizens at Souk Setta market, explaining that police arrested a number of the culprits, who would be presented before trials in accordance with the emergency laws.
The damage caused by the looting and sabotage acts included burning of seven motorcycles and three-wheel vehicles, two cars and looting of properties at Souk Setta market, he explained.

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