Thanks to Allah: Are there Black Points in Your Life March?

Several people are suffering from some shame stations in their past, something hard to forget ,and shaking when you remember, things that had happened your past ,whatever are they, good ,bad ,happy ,or sad, are always hidden at you memory ,they awake when you recall them ,or something had a connection with them drive them to your present, so that why some actions when they happen from certain persons ,they declare that that are exist, sadly majority of the accidents are not pleasant.
Suffering at childhood term never leave one’s mind, always knocking at your brain to recall them, such incidents may formulate our characters, guide us to do something that had a connection with the event ,what is really noticed today through close watching to some world leaders that ;majority of their decisions are formulated according to their past conception, specifically their internal mind, what they saw when they were kids, have grown with them ,when they took power they apply what they, felt, touched, saw, the painful thing here is the results ,which have come out of these acts, is the past impressions not reality of today.
What I want to prove here is this, those who take power and become responsible of their people, must subject to psychological analysts, to make sure that, they are free of past diseases, ready to hold today responsibilities, this will actually help coming generations t face his present matters, and not  be afraid of actions that are taken by his past leaders.
Africa, most of its boss’s are suffering of this stigma of personal diseases that reflect why they stand against people volition, trending behavior from them towards their nations is to detain them, or describing their opponents by impolite surnames, others go beyond that they may refine what they name their enemies.
Very hard to our self to confess that most of people, Are beaten from within psychologically, this is very clear when you see a person dealing with small problems happening inside his area, you notice majority of people are demanding pardon for the mistaken person ,regardless of the action he has done to his community, for example when burglar burst into a house by force trying to steal using force, then captured by people ,most people to interfere as mediators specifically when discover that this guy is living near by
This way of solving public matters in our societies dominated all the community sectors, which led the leaders, chieftains, or even women in areas to follow suit, why it has become as method of the entire community in solving issues?. This is unwritten rule has covered all the people treatments, a matter that complicated settlement of most of the serious topics. Now it has become a public issue how to force law in life! How to make people respect the law enforcement !such requests need strong men to come out quickly with strong decisions, otherwise the way we are walking on for solving differences is no longer suit establishing building nation!
We need to transfer our people from the area of full forgiveness to corner of full applying laws in all issues which master our life, bearing in mind that the area of forgiveness is to be reserved for private matters, general cases must be left to judge only to say its word.
Developed countries are very keen when the judge to judiciary, no playing is here its realistic and justice, if peoples want to live happy life ,empty of chaos, they must lean on laws only not persons, because person go ,but law stay forever ,so folks are in dire need to feel secure when they move outside, walking, reading, working, shopping ,do every thing that has connection with ordinary live, the sense of comfortable gives oneself the motivation of innovation ,then you see people hurrying doing good things for their communities, regardless of any quarrels that had happened between them previously.
TAKING off old conceptions to be replaced by new one’s is not an easy thing to be done in a day night, gradually step by step people can be taken, we should not accelerate results, let them come the time they complete, due to our insist maneuver, things come as we want, the question which poses itself here, is true that past events are the main motivations of today actions? In other words what is going on nowadays in our inter action, regional, and internally, can we consider them as reactions for past one’s, well, beside this; education never effect it completely, through making beauty m on it, or just heading minds towards doing useful things to their nations, why do we always sudden by unexpected things happened from those who stand before us as bosses,
What is wrong?
How can we manage to formulate good conceptions to our leaders?
Why we are always placed beyond others?
Why smart examples are always coming from abroad?
Why our feeling towards our self is negative?
Can’t we depend on our self in making great changes?
I appeal to everyone whatever his position is ,not to try to cover his past failures with his present actions do your best to give sense of peace to whom you are neighbor, respect other desires, religions, values, styles, custom and traditions, be clean in you, to see  others similar to you.

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