W. Nile State Committed to S. Sudan Refugees Security and Protection

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- Minister of Production and Economic Resources of White Nile State, representative of the governor of the State, Dr. Sedik Abdel-Gadir, has affirmed commitment of the government of the state to provision of security, peace and protection to the South Sudanese refugees.
Dr. Abdel-Gadir was addressing opening session of a sensitization workshop on the guidelines and laws organizing refuge in Sudan, which is organized by the Commission for Refugees in the state in cooperation with Plan International Sudan Organization.
He commended the level of services and development projects that are extended by the UN agencies and the national and international organizations for the Southern Sudanese refugees in the state, affirming the importance of the workshop in raising awareness of the refugees and host communities on the laws organizing refuge as well as coordination of efforts for implementing more development, productive and livelihood projects for realizing more stability for refugees and the host communities.
The representative of the federal Commission for Refugees, Adil Dhafallah, on his part, affirmed that the experience of Sudan in hosting refugees is considered as a model at the level of the world in dealing with them through the open door policy.

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