Experts Say Reformation and Not Dissolution of NISS and Warned Of Such A Step on the Country Security.

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Experts from various disciplines in a report published by Al Ahram Today Newspaper (16 April) warned of any harsh act to dismantle the NISS (National Intelligence and Security Services). All of them pointed to the negative impact of the previous experience of April, 1985.
The expatriate security expert who is resident in the USA, Mustafa Abdel Barry warned that the implementation of demands without serious studies contain the risk of unleashing many threat for the country. He advised that the best and most prudent course in this respect is the formation of an expert committee of national security experts to restructure the NISS.
Same time, the TMC (Transitional Military Council) in response to the strong demands of the protestors have declared the formation of a committee to restructure the NISS and relocating the operations division of the NISS to the armed forces. But this step was later denied in a NISS press statement.
On the other hand, the prominent human right activists Advocate Nabel Adib said that it is better to leave this matter to be decided upon during the transitional period with a constitutional framework of restructuring the whole state institutions. He added that security is vital and that is why some part of the people freedom is bargained for security, so the existence of the police and security institutions is vital for the common good.
But he also added that the NISS has expanded its authority during the deposed of Al Bashir regime outside its mandate of providing the state with information and alert it to external acts that may threaten it security and stability and safeguard the state from any attempts of foreign penetration. He concluded by the NISS should return to its original mandate stipulated in the Constitution.
What was noticeable was that the SPA (Sudanese Professional Association) which has organized and spearheaded the 19 Dec.2018 which lead to the downfall of Al Bashir regime have demanded the dissolution of all the trade unions, associations and institutions created by the previous regime but have not mentioned the NISS.
A source in the SPA told the newspaper that this is due to that there different views inside the SPA on this issue, some with the dissolution option while other with TMC vision of restructuring the NISS.

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