Sudan Team wins Generation Unlimited Global Youth Challenge to help change the world

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A young team from Sudan ‘Muntjatna’ have today been announced as one of the five global winners of the prestigious Generation Unlimited Global Youth Challenge. The three-person team will receive $20,000 in seed funding and expert mentoring to develop and build their innovative idea.
Generation Unlimited is a global partnership, catalysed by UNICEF to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens. Generation Unlimited forms part of the United Nations Secretary General’s Youth 2030 Strategy with the objective to ensure every young person has access to quality education, training or employment by 2030.
Sudan, was one of just 16 nations chosen to take part in the challenge that provided a platform to a total of 800 bright young minds around the world. Teams were supported and encouraged to create their own innovative solutions for education, training, empowerment and the transition to decent work.

The team from Muntjatna includes Al Fadl Suliman Mekki, Manara Asad Bagera, and Yassin Musa Bushara, from Nevasha IDP Camp North Darfur, their winning idea involved creating an online platform to help displaced people in Sudan sell their handmade products internationally. The $20,000 funding will help them open a training centre for young women.
Muntjatna also envision their project helping young people avoid crime and to have more time for education. They also see this exciting new chapter as an opportunity to help businesses grow, thus creating a more resilient community.
“Finally, our dream came true! We are so happy to have won and to represent Sudan and to represent Nivasha camp is an honour,” said Yassen. “Always stand up for your hopes and dreams, they will come true!”
Youth in Sudan make up more than 50 per cent of the total population; therefore, it is critical to invest in them as current and future agents of change.
“Everyone knows that the future is the youth, and we must invest in the youth because we are the future,” said Manara.
Another member of the team, AlFadel, said they learned many important skills including problem solving, and through mentorship, their new idea can only get stronger.
“Youth currently are half the society but, in the future, they will be all of society. Youth have the energy to solve their problems and a lot of potential,” said Alfadel.
The World Bank has also announced a $1 billion investment in young people and is partnering with UNICEF to align this funding with Generation Unlimited. New bold commitments will also be announced.

Through such positive initiatives, young women and men are better equipped to learn about their rights and how their voices matter, in order to harness their full potential.

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