Sudan vision View: Tightening Security at Khartoum Airport

It was expected that many of the major corrupt personals will try to flee the country and the some of them that were arrested in Khartoum Airport trying to do so prove this point. This means that there is some loopholes in the coordination and flow of information between the different security organs and institutions taking into consideration that some of those arrested were discovered by the public and not the security organs. In addition, many of the deposed of regime officials still have connections with the sleeping cells inside many of the sensitive government institutions.
All these require some urgent steps which should include the review of the whole personal in the Khartoum Airport responsible for granting permission for departure and it is much preferable that a whole new set of officials replace the present one.
The exit visa permit in particular should be under the control of officers of the highest degree of integrity and any known personal connection of any kind with the previous regime.
Then these elements will try to flee with the huge embezzled currencies from the Sudanese people during the last thirty years, so there must be strict search measures that all those departing the country Khartoum Airport are cheeked by competent officers.
These are crucial steps at these critical times which it is hoped that the authorities will take.
The citizens also should monitor the situation and report to the concerned authorities about any information in this regard.

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