11Persons Injured in Kutum Incidents


Al-Fasher – The caretaker governor of North Darfur State, Maj. Gen, Malik  Al-Tayeb Khojali announced  that 11 persons  including a policeman were   injured  in incidents  occurred in Kutum town Sunday.
 He revealed that  offices of intelligence and  security service in the  town was set on fire while   house  of former commissioner  of  Kutum locality was attacked.
 Maj. Gen. Khojali  said in a statement  to SUNA  that   the incident erupted when a group of people  handed over a memorandum to the commander of Kutuim garrison containing some demands afterwards another group pf people  from Kassab camp for displaced  persons  and areas surrounding the camp  stormed   and burned  offices of the  intelligence and security service  and attacked  members of  family of former  commissioner  of Kutum locality.
 He uncovered that the Armed Forces  repulsed the attackers  without  casualties  except some injuries , mostly light, renewing  total rejection to  such sabotage acts,
He affirmed  full stability of security situations  and return of life to its normalcy.

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