Brexit: Tories Force Emergency Meeting in Plot to Oust Theresa May within Weeks


Theresa May faces a grassroots no confidence vote within weeks after more than 65 local Tory chiefs signed a petition to the National Conservative Convention
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A Tory plot to oust Theresa May over Brexit ramped up dramatically today after activists claimed they have won a bid to trigger an emergency summit.
The powerful National Conservative Convention is poised to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting within weeks after grassroots Brexiteers handed in a formal petition under party rules.
Leave-backers – who are furious with Mrs May’s decision to delay Brexit to October 31 and enter ‘soft deal’ talks with Labour – have been pushing for the meeting so they can stage a vote of no confidence in the Tory leader.
While not legally binding, such a vote would heap political pressure on Mrs May to quit her post within weeks.
So they used rules under the Conservative Party Constitution, which says the Convention must call an EGM if at least 65 chairman of local constituency associations call for one in a petition.
Last night, activists said they had passed that threshold of 65 signatures.
Neither leaders of the Convention nor the Conservative Party’s HQ have yet confirmed the meeting will be held.
But Rebecca Ryan, founder of the Stand Up 4 Brexit campaign, told the Mirror: “It [the petition] has reached the number and it has been handed in.”

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