Economic Vision: TMC Economic Arrangements

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has formed, an economic committee, to run the economic affairs during the transitional period, the economic process is witnessing huge changes, but the major change is the devaluation of the rate exchange to SDG 45, as an indicative price announced by the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS).
The committee authorized to revise the general auditor’s annual financial report, every year the auditor announces crimes of public fund violations that totaled to billions of SDGs, it is a good move towards the right track, the most significant order issued by the TMC is the revision of the custom’s dollar, which has immediate impact on the prices, the previous custom is US$ 15, the current discussion may decrease the custom, this move will lead to real livelihood improvement.
The good economic news, that encourage the TMC to concern with economy is the stances of both Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, those two countries declared rapid support to the TMC, they announced sum of US$ 3 billion, US$ 500 million as a deposit in the (CBoS), while the rest of the support is to provide fuels, liquidity and food items, I do believe that Sudan doesn’t need support from others, it has enough resources.
The regional and international community seeks for their interests, so the intersection of interests plays a crucial role in Sudan future foreign relations, Sudan is not so weak to be exploited by others.
The deputy of the TMC, Hamid Mohamed Dagolo, has directed the concerned officials to prepare for summer season agricultural program, to solve the crisis of wheat scarcity, the other issue is fighting against smuggling, we know that traders smuggle commodities to the neighboring countries, this move affect the stability of prices.
The corruption bureau that established by the TMC is considered as the backbone of the economic reform process, the prosecutor ordered authorities to confine assets and properties of the key figures of the ousted ruled party, these arrangements indicates to better economic future, bases on strong national currency and solid potentials.

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Economic Vision
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