Foreign Ministry Receives Five Orphans Stranded in Syria


Khartoum – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday received five Sudanese orphans stranded in the northeast of Syria, at ages ranging  from three to five, prior to handing them over to their families.
The step came as part of the state’s efforts to return the Sudanese citizens stranded in areas controlled by the so-called organization of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and in direct follow up from the Chairman of the Transitional Military Council and members of the Council.
During the ceremony, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Plenipotentiary Badr-Eddin Jaifari, thanked the Syrian government and other concerned authorities in the north and east of Syria for facilitating the transfer of these orphans from the north-east Syria to Damascus and from there to Khartoum.
The Transitional Military Council has directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue and redouble its efforts to repatriate all stranded persons as soon as possible.

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