Mobility between the Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change: Where to?

More than a week after its composition, the transitional military council and its specialized committees began to run the state cupboard internally and move externally to secure its legitimacy, and took several economic actions based on recommendations and decisions of its economic commission as well as a package of decisions related to Fight corruption and review the movement of funds and public service. Therefore, the military council in the legislative, constitutional and executive powers must be a serious concern for the forces of freedom and change in its various spectra and components, while its demands for the solution of the council and the handover of the entire authority in the country have a Democratic Civilian representing the foundation and security in the files of the military council.
But the delay in the declaration of the civil transitional authority may lead to a decline in leadership at the street level, which opens the door wide to the forces of evil and strengthens the grip of the council. For this time, it is not in favor of the forces of change what requires speed to resolve the subject of civil governance today before tomorrow
We are also concerned about the invitation of professionals to take into account geographical, ethnic, religious and warm diversity and to nominate candidates to assume leadership positions in the proposed transitional civil authority. This means continuing to spin around the ring of those malicious specifications, which were exploited by totalitarian regimes to gain their legitimacy and devote their dictatorial powers instead of establishing the pillars of the free and open democratic system for all. In addition, walk in this direction is contrary to the principle of efficiency, experience, honesty and honesty that the assembly has adopted as a criterion for public office. That’s why we hope to learn from past experiences and not recycle failed experiences for political gain.
May Allah grant luck in getting out of the current obstructive situation in the fastest time and the loss of losses.

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