Sudan Railways to Support the National Economy

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Sudan railways sector is one of the cheapest transportation worldwide, beside the air and sea transport .It has played multi-pule roles in transporting people as well as goods and luggage’s. It links the product areas with the consuming areas in big towns, cities and the rural areas and the harbors and ports for export.
It began in 1907 during the colonizers regime to provide services. Since that time Sudan railways witnessed developments during the different governments governed Sudan after independence of Sudan in 1956 to become a national transport. But unfortunately, since 1970s this sector and despite of its economic contribution in the Sudanese economy, it is highly affected with the mismanagements of some those governments. This was appeared clearly in the decrease of the revenues from the railways.
In addition to the development of the land transport and the appearance of new transport companies working in linking the different of Sudan
This vital sector of transport expects to have its major role in the national economy after the youth revolution kickoff in all cities of Sudan on 11th April 2019 ended 30 years of the regime of the former President al Bashir. The long trip of Al Nil train kicked off fromAtabra in the river Nile state to Khartoum on 23rd April 2019, to support the Youth Revolutionists and demonstrators who are protesting and gathering in front of the Armed forces waiting to fulfil their demands in realizing Freedom, Peace and justice.
This trip had shaped and re-backed the image of the Sudan railways at its golden age. The arrival of this trained crowed with southlands of people of different age ,youths and aged try to convey a message explain the important role of the railways in supporting the national economy.
Economic experts and employers and workers who had being worked at Sudan Railways for many decades pointed to that this sector in a bad need to be rehabilitated, and developed. They explained its economic, social and cultural role in linking all parts of Sudan, created good and intimate relations among the different components of the Sudanese Society.
They described Sudan railways as one of the pillars of the national economy. They called for Rehabilitation and reconstructing of this important of the railways in transport and exporting goods. Training and capacity building is also important to the employers at these sectors including engineers, and workers.
AlNil train which wor

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