FFC Forms its Committee for Negotiations with Military Council

By: Khalda Elyas

Khartoum-The alliance of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) announced Friday formation of its committee for talks with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) on power transfer.
Leading member of FFC Satie Al Haj said in a statement to the German DPA news agency that the 15-member committee has immediately embarked on contacts with the TMC to set a date for a joint meeting between the two parties for negotiations on the constitutional structures for the administration of the transitional period.
Al Haj pointed out that the committee comprises representatives for the five components of the FFC alliance, including Chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party Omer Al Degair, Deputy Chairperson of National Ummah Party Marian Al Sadik Al Mahdi besides leading member of the Sudanese Communist Party Sedik Yusuf.
Three seats in the committee have been allocated for the representatives of the armed movements, Al Haj indicated.
It is noteworthy that the TMC said it is endeavoring for the arrangements of the transitional period through the political dialogue with all political forces on the basis of the consultative meeting that was held with the FFC alliance.
TMC Spokesman Lt. Gen. (PSC) Shams-Eddin Kabashi said Thursday that the council does not want to continue in power, but it endeavors to create conducive atmosphere for completion of the change process.
Kabashi said in an interview to Al Arabiya channel that there are many meeting points with the FFC, affirming that the transitional period is two years and it may be less, adding that the TMC would have the sovereign power during the transitional stage.

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