Industry Ministry Forms Committee to Solve Problems Facing Exports


Khartoum – The Ministry of Industry has set up a committee comprising the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Customs Authority, the Tax Chamber, Central Bank of Sudan and the National Chamber of Exporters to overcome all obstacles facing the country’s exporting sector. The Dean of Bahri Al-Ahlia College Prof. Kamal Issa praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Industry to support the country’s exports, while providing all facilities to exporters to contribute to the national economy, describing the stride taken by the ministry as a step towards enhancing the competitiveness of Sudanese exports in foreign markets.  Professor Issa stressed the need to focus on Sudanese products with comparative advantages such as gum arabic, oilseeds, animal resources, cotton and others for the large demand in the foreign markets to enable this sector to play its role in advancing the Sudanese economy as one of the largest sectors that upon the Sudan economy depends in the provision of hard currency for the public treasury.
While the economist,  Professor Al-Kindi Yousuf  has called for accelerating  Sudan’s accession to World Trade Organization (WTO)  in the  light of the global economic transformations and  mobility.
Al-kindi said in a press statement to SUNA that  the world is now moving through economic integration between countries, which means applying comparative advantage in producing goods and services.
He pointed out that every country has a comparative advantage in producing a certain good or service, and that Sudan is producing the finest types of Arabic gum, regionally and internationally, which increase its chances to join the WTO.
Professor Al Kindi touched on the advantages and benefits  Sudan could gain  from  joining the international  organization, including access to financial, logistical and technical support.

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