US Affirms Continuation in Urging Two Parties in Sudan to Reach Civilian Rule

By: Khalda Elyas

Khartoum- The Charge d’Affaires of US Embassy in Sudan, Steven Koutsis, has said resumption of bilateral dialogue with Sudan for normalization of the relations depends on transition to full civilian rule.
The US explained that it regards the situation to move as soon as possible from the fait accompli authority to a civilian administration that would accomplish the elections at a reasonable time and the military government is the fait accompli authority currently that they deal with for the success of the transition.
It went on to say that it is high time to move to comprehensive transitional government that respects human rights and the supremacy of the rule of law.
The US affirmed its continuation in urging the two parties to reach a civilian rule to be the first step for lifting Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism.
Koutsis said in an interview to Al Tayar newspaper that what concern them most is that the transitional government is to lead the country to free and fair elections, describing demand by the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change that the transitional period be four years that it is based on a program that is outside the mandate of the transitional period itself.

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