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The ousting of Al Bashir regime has created a new fact. In terms of politics, new political bodies were appeared on the surface, as well as new military leaders took power, to create conducive democratic atmosphere, and to organize a general election, which will enable civilians to exercise democracy in full authority.
But the current political development, produced two disputed powers, the revolutionists and the Transitional Military Council (TMC), each of them wants to lead, revolutionists demand for pure civil government, while the military generals required the leading of Sudan sovereignty, they believe that military should have to rule the transitional period.
The two forces didn’t come to common agreement, but I do believe that the political parties don’t mature enough to run the transitional period without military authorities. We still at the beginning of democratic journey, so civilians can’t do the job of security, what is going on, proves the weakness of the politicians, three weeks and the Sudanese people have been waiting for candidates to join the cabinet.
The civilians should have to understand that Sudan is not Europe or US, the democracy of copy and paste doesn’t operate in Sudan, we need democracy of Sudanese characteristics, which consider religion and culture, also democracy is not the only governance system, any system that realizes the objectives and the jobs of state is welcomed.
The political parties don’t have democratic platform, also I would like to send message to civilians to know that soldiers are not stupid as people say. For instance, US depends on soldiers to implement all the strategic missions, military leaders they exercise politics, they trusted two times to lead the diplomatic institute, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice were appointed as US Secretary of State, we need to change the mind, to correct the image and our conception of military leaders.
To harmonize the governance system between military and civilians is the only way towards stability and development.

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