Chief of Staff Meets His South Sudan Counter Part

By: Zuleikha Abdul Razeq

Khartoum – Chief of Joint Staffs, first Lieutenant General Hashim Abdul Mutallab Ahmed stressed that the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) will remain faithful to the Sudanese people and stand with them until the success of their revolution, stressing that no bullet will be fired at them, while at the same time addressing any sabotage or insecurity.
During his meeting with his South Sudan counterpart, Ahmed stressed Sudan’s steadfast position on achieving peace and stability in South Sudan, presenting detailed explanation of the events that took place in Sudan and what the SAF are doing towards the Sudanese people.
For his part, Chief of Staff of the South Sudan Army congratulated the SAF Chief of Joint Staffs on assuming this post, saying that they came to express the feeling of the South Sudan government and people for the change that took place in Sudan, praising the handling of the situation rationally, adding that they stand with Sudan and that Sudan will not be exposed to any danger from the State of South Sudan, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces and all parties and the Transitional Military Council for their cooperation with the situation, which was appreciated by all, noting that such cooperation did not happen in any country.

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