70% of Gold Revenues Are Smuggled

By: Ahmed Ibrahim
Khartoum-The issue of how to develop the country, has become the concern of all, especially the economists. To begin with, Dr. Mahdi Al-Riheima, the secretary general of the exporters’ chamber, says that if the matter of exports are given special consideration, especially officially, Sudan will be much satisfied to for foreign aids, calling on the transitional military council to adopt practical measures regarding the exports, accusing the governmental companies as the much impeding factor to the issue of exports.
On the field of agriculture, economic expert, Dr. ‘Adil Abdul Muneim, says that all efforts should be devoted to let get boosted forward, calling on the cancellation of the law of 2005 which has been proven as the true stumbling block, especially to the Gezira project-something that has resulted in losses that are estimated to reach US$ 200 billion.
Professor, Osman Suwar Al-Dahab, talks about the animal sector whose returns are estimated at US$ 500 million, lamenting that the money are misappropriated, i.e. not entering the national treasury.
In addition, there is the gold commodity whose production is estimated by some specialists to amount to 250 tons, disclosing that the process is not without disadvantages. ‘70% of the production has been smuggled abroad-a situation that deprives the national treasure of about US$ 7 billion annually’.

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