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The political scene in Sudan makes international and regional communities surprised, they don’t understand what is going on, the revolutionists ousted the Al Bashir, who ruled Sudan for 30 years. The only demand is “civilian” government to run the transitional period, this is the voice of the revolutionists, while the military leaders, believe in gradual move towards democracy.
Due to security reasons I disagree with African Union, US and others, who call on full civilian governance during the transitional period. The political structure is so weak, politicians don’t concept democracy, they think that democracy is unlimited freedom; Sudan needs gradual transformation, it is impossible within days and nights to make Sudan “a democratic country” similar to European or Western ones.
I support the idea that encourages the Transitional Military Council (MTC) to rule the transitional period, to give political parties an opportunity to organize themselves for the “Elections” which is scheduled to be conducted after 2 years.
The behavior of revolutionists’ leaders shows contradictions and revealed that the Declaration of Freedom and Change Force (DFCF) is chasing power, so why DFCF demand for 4 years to be the term of the transitional period. Sudan political powers divided into Right and Left, the left worry about elections. They don’t have large audience, throughout the political history of Sudan, they failed in all the democratic periods to realize majority, in 1965 and 1986 the left occupied even less than 1% of the seats in the parliament, they are afraid of history repeating itself.
DFCF asks the Transitional Military Council to hand them power, to start civilian era, even before the end of the transitional period that fixed by the military leaders. If things are going smoothly as DFCF sees, I suggest elections as soon as possible, I also suggest to cancel what so-called “Transitional Period” to settle the disputes, the normal thing that civilians always demand for quick elections, but in Sudan we have the opposite, military leaders demand for quick election, while the civilians prolong the period.
The mistake that done by DFCF is accusing of military council of dominating power, this move caused lack of confidence between the two parts. My message to the revolutionists is to wait till the end of the transitional period to judge, if Military Council refused to hand power after 2 years, people should have a right to press through demonstrations or any other means to restore democracy, but now let military to protect democracy that is now being planted by the political parties.

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