Time to Build New Sudan that Is Based on Unity and Equality: Dr. Ali

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Now, the transitional period that is proposed by the transitional military council-TMC-as two years and the other one by the Freedom and Change Forces –FCF-four years has become a controversial issue. Many experts talk about the matter, conspicuous among them are Lt. Gen. Siddiq Ismail, deputy chairperson of National Umma Party (NUP), who says that the transitional period that is determined by TMC as two years is quite sufficient to restore things in Sudan to normality, indicating that those who keep talking about the former deep rooted state are not without purpose; scary of the Sudanese public.
In contrast, Media and academic expert, Dr. Abu Bakr Adam, says that the process to change any former system will take time that is even much longer than that one that is suggested by TMC, going further as to praise and support the four year period to combat the former deep rooted state.
Dr. Al Sir Mohamed Ali, political and academic expert, says that during the transitional period, be it longer or shorter, there should not be exclusion to any political entity, pointing out that such a pattern is the one that leads to the uproot of the former government, stressing that the present stage should be entirely devoted to construction not dismantlement. ‘It is a new chapter to build a new Sudan that is wholly based on equality and unity and void of any kind of exclusion’.
Professor Mohamed Abu Salih, university lecturer, says that although the governance crisis has started since the independence and continued up to former the Ingaz government, but, still there is failure to produce the aspired for national idea, calling for a model leadership that is to fulfil the dreams of the Sudanese, especially the youth.
And deputy of the Reform Now Party, Hassan Riziq, who says that the four years period that FCF calls for is something that is much exaggerated because of lack of mandate on part of the people, seeing that the dismantlement of the former deep rooted government and the combat of corruption, is the job of the judiciary which is much competent to judge persons and leaderships who belong to the former regime.

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