Calls for conference to consolidate unity of Sudanese opposition


The coalition of the Freedom and Change Declaration should hold a conference to discuss issues of unity, leadership and governance, said Yasir Arman in a statement he extended to Sudan Tribune Friday.
The opposition umbrella which overthrew the regime of President Omer al-Bashir through peaceful protests last April includes four alliances: the Sudan Call, the National Consensus Forces, the Sudanese Professionals Association and the Gathering of Unionists in Opposition.
The declaration they signed encompasses a number of principles about their shared vision for peace, democracy, justice, human rights, and freedoms. The coalition which includes armed groups also emphasized that the peaceful protests were the only means to topple the regime.
However, after the start of discussions with the military council, some complained about their exclusion and demanded to take part in the process. Also, there were conflicting statements from the coalition members on the same topics.
Pointing to these issues, Arman said that differences between the components of the forces of freedom and change must not be allowed to continue.
“Our country needs a national front against fascism, political Islam, but also to achieve the dismantling of the deep state, the transition from war to peace, from totalitarianism to democracy, from a one-dimensional state to a state of citizenship without discrimination,” he said.
“So let us hold a conference to reach a program and a leadership structure in order to provide a national platform for building a new regime,” he emphasized.
Last week, the SPLM-N Agar decided to dispatch Arman and Ismail Jalab to Khartoum to promote the issues of war as a priority in the democratic transition process. No date was announced by sources say the visit is imminent.
The Editor in chief of Al-Tayyar newspaper Osman Mirghani welcomed Arman’s return to Khartoum saying his arrival will encourage rebel leaders to shorten the road for peace.
“Instead of continuing the series of negotiations in the capitals of the world under the auspices of (international mediators), it would be interesting for the whole world to see the first round of negotiations here in the heart of Khartoum or any other Sudanese city agreed upon by all”.
“A new stage began with new challenges and contradictions, So to complete the tasks of the revolution the forces of freedom and change must not be an alliance of circumstances,” Arman said.

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