FCF Forwards Developmental and Economical Emergency Programme for the Transitional Period

Report – Sudan Vision

Freedom and Change Forces (FCF) issued on April 21st, 2019 a statement including its proposals over an economical and Developmental Programme features during the transitional period.
For the benefit of our readers we hereunder summarize the said programme:


The draft proposal contains three sections i.e. short, medium and long term programme followed by the procedures of general arrangements to run the sustainable development and dynamic economy.
First and foremost we should admit that the economic situations in Sudan are tremendously deteriorating a matter that requires long road till we reach tangible realty.
But there are some issues which require urgent dealing with and what is presented are general directives to assist in reaching a clear vision and the possibility of dealing with what has been spoiled in the last three decades.
First: The Short Term Programme (Two first Years of the Transitional Period):
The economic deteriorated situation requires urgent action as the salvation regime damaged the Sudanese economy as it did not pay any attention to utilize the Sudanese natural resources to the maximum, but on the contrary it damaged the existing productive sectors in agriculture and industry. The inherited conditions from the ousted regime will be reformed in technical and official manners. It is true that some of the decisions might not please the public, but in such cases there should be logical justifications to any measures before its implementation.
One of the most important tasks in the transitional period is bringing an end to the wars and armed conflicts besides reasonable compensation to the war-affected people.
Ending the internal conflicts needs honest review and transitional arrangements to reach the recover stage among the components of the nation.
It is true that this will take long time, ut it is necessary to start with during the transitional period to set the appropriate foundation and put the issue on the right track.
Some of those urgent agendas for recovery include the redistribution of wealth and power besides activating the humanitarian programmes and launching developmental programme along with providing all the support to make the voluntary return plans successful.

How to Deal with the Inflation and Price Hikes?

The ousted regime printed new currencies to finance its increasing expenditure and to cover the horrible corruption.
This resulted to price hikes due to the weakness of the purchasing power of the Sudanese pound due to the escalating exchange rates.
Resolving such issue requires clear decisions to strengthen the competition of the Sudanese products to make is qualified to compete in the regional and international markets, besides reducing the exportation through encouraging the purchase of the local production. This will lead to increasing the consumed local production, hence expanding the employment opportunities.
There are some crises which require taking unpopular decision such as rationalizing the consumption of fuel for the private vehicles to give more chance more public transport to expand its activities.
The above but some of samples which could be adapted, but the issue here is that there should be a package of decisions to be decided by the transitional authorities after consulting the experts and politicians to achieve concensus on the proposed programme.

Short-term Developmental Policies

Besides dealing with the issue of inflation there are other policies which could be transformed to reality from the beginning of the transitional period e.g. reviewing the distribution of the budget to allow for increasing the developmental expenditure ; providing emergency assistance to the war-affected areas , free health care in the government health centres especially in the states and war-affected areas; mobilization of financial contributions from the Sudanese working abroad and urging them to return to participate in the reconstruction process.

Medium Term Programme

This programme is supposed to be implemented during all the transitional period and it concentrates on the productive agricultural, industrial and energy sectors besides providing the locally produced commodities besides launching the long march of the ambitious development.
On human development the priority should go to reformation of the health care and education considering it as the pillars of any economical development.
On the political economy the priorities of the transitional period should concentrate on the redistribution of power and wealth according to justice and participation principles, besides reviewing the relations with the neighbouring countries to boost the trade and economical exchange.

To be followed.

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