Message to the People of Sudan on the Holy Month of Ramadan from Abiy Ahmed Ali, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Ramadan Kareem

In the name of Ethiopians of all faiths, I would like to extend my best wishes to all our brothers and sisters observing Ramadan in the Sudan. May God bless you all with his mercy and grace. This Holy Month of Ramadan is an opportune time for reflection, forgiveness, patience and unity across all the Sudan.
The relationship between the people of Ethiopia and the Sudan is well beyond good neighborly relations and geographic proximity. It is premised on deeper and greater economic, cultural and diplomatic ties. All that touches the people of Sudan affects the Ethiopian people in the same manner and in the same degree.
The people of the Sudan have stood by the people of Ethiopia throughout history and particularly during difficult times. Ethiopia will not forget the support of the people of Sudan when foreign forces attacked our country. The people of Sudan welcomed and sheltered thousands of Ethiopians in their homes without hesitation.
Ethiopia will also not forget the utmost generosity extended to them by the people of the Sudan during the times of deadly famines. The people of the Sudan treated them like their own brothers and sisters with the highest standards of noble morals. Even today, there are millions of Ethiopians living and working in the Sudan- their second Home.
My message to my brothers and sisters in the Sudan is that all nations face changing times. While change is a natural occurrence, it must be managed with patience and wisdom to result in positive progress for the Sudan. Change that is not managed wisely could be dangerous and, may God forbid, could jeopardize the bright future of the Sudan.
I therefore, at this critical stage, call upon all parties in the Sudan to engage in dialogue.

Abiy Ahmed Ali
Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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