TMC Agrees on Sovereignty Council. SPA Rejects

By: Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum – The Transitional Military Council (TMC) agreed yesterday (Sunday) on the proposal of forming two councils, one Sovereignty with civilian majority and the second Defense and Security Council with Military majority.
The TMC said that the Chairman and his Deputy in the Sovereignty Council should be from the military besides expanded mandate for the proposed Defense and Security Council, adding that the representation in the Sovereignty Council will subject to negotiations with the FFC.
Meanwhile, in its response to the mediation’s proposal, the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) said that they only accept a transitional civil sovereign council with limited military representation.
The SPA said in press statement published in its official website in the social media outlets that they agreed in principle to proposals made by a mediation committee trying to bridge the gap between the opposition coalition and the Transitional Military Council.
The mediation proposal, which is approved by the TMC, provides to form a “council of ministers with full executive powers nominated by the forces of freedom and change and headed by a prime minister who participates in the selection of his ministers.
The ministers are supposed to be technocrat and experts.
The Security and Defense Council will not interfere in this process except within the limits of security checks.
According to the proposal, the security and defense council will consist of seven militaries and three civilians who are members of the Council of Ministers: the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Initially, the army asked to keep the sovereignty council saying the government will be entirely composed of civilians except for the defense and interior ministries.
The mediation came with the idea of security and defense council as the army said they have concerns over the situation in the region.
The SPA statement said that the Security and Defense mission includes the roles of the military institution including declaration of war and participation with other armies besides the issues of fight against terrorism and extremism.
The statement affirmed that this stance could be a flexible ground for negotiations and agreement.
The SPA statement called on the Sudanese people to stick to the peaceful popular rallies along with readiness to all options.
It is to be noted that the SPA partners urged all the parties to avoid the stances that serve the forces that are attempting to abort the revolution before it achieve its goals.

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