Beyond the Horizon: Political Parties Hijacking of the Youth Revolution

Alula Berhe

Historical evidence on the political life in Sudan and the Arab World at large in particular after the 2011Arab Soring protests and uprisings have that always the political parties have hijacked the youth and people revolutions. There was massive disclosure of this course after 2011 Arab Spring which became easier due to the present developments in the information communications technologies.
Now, the Sudan 2019 Revolution is facing the same conspiracies from the traditional political parties and others headed by leader of the NUP (National Umma Party) Imam Sadiq Al Mahdi and the party deputy head and the Imam daughter Dr. Mariam Al Sadiq Al Mahdi. This is not something new from the Imam as he played before the same role in sabotaging the 1964 October Revolution outcomes and in particular the 1985 April Uprising. We have written before warning the young protestors from the destructive role of the Imam in hindering any genuine democratic transformation in the country and his acrobatic movements from one rope to the other to preserve his prestige and family interests at the expense of any other value.
Any quick review of the statements made the Imam or Dr. Mariam during the last week give ample support to this assumption. Further, the Imam by the nature of his character does not accept that any person or group present an initiative or play a leading role but him as the sole thinker for Sudan future, forgetting that the December 2018 Youth Revolution have by passed him by hundreds of miles and will not accept his domination or sabotage attempts anymore. The NUP is a considerable political force in the arena but this does not mean accepting that the party have Vote rights on the future of the revolution or special prevailing’s for the Imam or his daughter. The people didn’t revolt against Omer Al Bashir to replace him by Al Sadiq Al Mahdi family domination.
If someone want more avoidance on what have been said just read the Monday 6 May newspaper which reported that Al Sadiq Al Mahdi presented sole a Constitutional Declaration to TMC (Transitional Military Council) which will rule the coming transitional period. This is another proof that Al Sadiq is back to his old game of spreading fragmentation and seeking to have a share in power at expenses as we said before at any value or commitment because he does not believe in honoring any commitment.

Power Myth

There is a lot of myth about the power of the NUP depending upon the results of the 1986 general elections results in which he came first but without the necessary majority to rule sole so had to revert to coalition, some time with the DUP and other time with the NIF. But since that time a lot of water have passed under the bridge as the British say and the NUP have lost much of its traditional bases due to many factors. The main ones have been the policy of the 30 years oppressive regime which have fragmented this base by all means and measures including threats, brutal forces, and financial incentives. In addition to the dislocation of the population due to wars in western Sudan and the poverty that have spread in the White Nile and led to migration to the rural areas in Khartoum. All these factors have eroded the NUP traditional bases and at the same time the spread of education and knowledge vide the Social Media have played also a role in this respect.

UAE Visit Puzzle

In the context of the conspiracy there came the presence of three prominent Sudanese politicians at the same time in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) and at this critical phase in the Sudanese 2018 Revolution. This trio visit raised concerns in Khartoum revolutionary circles because the UAE is a well-known enemy of any democratic movement in the Arab World and have exerted considerable efforts and massive financial and material resources to aborted the 2011 Arab Spring Revolutions. The three politicians are were Dr. Mariam Al Sadiq Al Mahdi, Deputy Head of the NUP, Khalid Omer Yousif and the SPL-North Fiction Yasser Airman.
In an interview with the Sudanese Blue Nile TV station Dr. Miriam in answer to a question about this visit said it was to consolidate the relation between the two countries and to thank the UAE for hosting Imam El Sadiq in the past. This was a very naive answer to say the least. And if matters are as she said why not go to London and thank the UK who has hosted the Imam longer periods and times. The other two leaders haven’t given so far any answer for their visit and there is no information on what have happened during this trio visit. But be casinos because nothing positive for democracy and civil governance from that direction.
There is in this context also the puzzle of who Yasser Airman now represents because the SPLM-North that he claim to represent are now two factions, one led by Abdel Aziz Al Hila who don’t recognize any role for Yasser Airman. Same time, the other faction led by Malik Agar and which is much smaller and have no real military power of significance on the ground, Agar had previously had in the past difference with Airman and fired from his faction ,so there clouds of doubts of whom Airman now represent ,may himself seeking to find for himself a role in the new political era. All this said we still must all do our best to obtain by all means every information possible about this trio visits because definitely it is no in the favor of the democratic transformation regardless of any rhetoric saying the opposite. It is enough that it was to Debi .the capital of the democratic revolutions enemy Number One.

Dictators save Heavens

In addition to the above the Sudanese media reported on Monday 6 May that a Gulf country have expressed readiness to give the ousted dictator Al Bashir asylum. This is to say the least an insult to the Sudanese people that a country offer an asylum to a dictator accused of killing more than 300 thousand of his people according to ICC (International Criminal Court) and more than that by at six times since 2003-4 . In addition of been accused that he, his family and cronies have rubbed the Sudanese people of hundreds of billions of dollars. How can any respectable state or government such a person an asylum unless murder and corruption in that country is not a crime.

Taxation and Illegal Wealth

The Taxation Dept. after it have been subjected to real radical reforms and serious accountability for all past major mistakes is expected to play a vital role in computing corruption and increasing revenues in a fair and legal manner.
First all Cheuqes written in settlements of taxation and not honored as disclose by the Auditor General report have to be referred to courts and those official who have hidden and played a role in depriving the public treasury form these amounts have to be hold accountable. In addition there many allegation against some Taxation Dept. officials of having benefited illegally from there post and who have to be investigate under the Illegal Wealth Act to determine if that is the case or not.
Second there is a huge volume of unpaid taxes on real states. So, the Taxation Dept. in cooperation with the Land Registration Administration in the Judiciary Authority off course after it expected reforms in its structures and removal of all corrupt and incompetent personal. This step can generate huge sums to the public treasury.
There must be a revision by an independent committee of the taxation exemption which have granted to a high number of companies, institutions and individuals. The aim is to determine if this exemption was granted according to the correct procedure and even if so is there continuation serves the public interest or they should be terminated.

Economic Situation

There is a consensus that the economic situation is going to worst by the day while the TMC is maneuvering to clink to power. It is quite clear that the people have decided that they are not going back to production and work unless the TMC hand over in a genuine manner to a civilian government. In addition without a civilian government there is no hope for nay foreign assistance with crucial needed to address the chronic crises of the Sudanese economy. So, the TMC and some politicians who are playing on all the ropes are increasing the dimensions of the crises making the remedy more difficult. What is worst people patience have a limit and the continuation of this situation can led to an explosion that no one can control and can led to major human catastrophes. Please just for once think about the whole country and not yourself.

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