FDFC Apologizes for Confusion, Accepts Mediation Principle

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) presented an apology to the Sudanese people over the state of confusion caused by statements that showed some differences in the stances.
The apology followed lengthy meetings by the FDFC that affirmed acceptance of the principle of the mediation.
A statement issued by FDFC affirmed unifying of the communication channels with the Sudanese people to reflect their unified stance.
The statement explained that there were many initiatives during the past period from the citizens for narrowing differences to pave the way for handing over power to the civilians.
It added that a number of the sons of the homeland presented a general vision in this connection and the principle of mediation was accepted in its general national trend by the FDFC.
The FDFC awaits reception of the articles of the initiative and its details in a written form in a view to studying it and reaching a unified vision on the initiative, the statement said.
It reiterated adherence to the Declaration of Freedom and Change with all its articles and objectives.

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