Best Foods in Ramadan

Neimat al Naiem

Celebrations are still going on with the coming of Ramadan this honorable guest, despite the very hot summer season in Sudan, but all families are well prepared to receive. Beside the lack of fresh drinking water in some states, but Muslims enjoy fasting during this beloved month. This month of holy Ramadan is a month worship of doing good things. Solidarity, Charity, cooperation and collaboration.
The economic difficulties represented into the high prices of commodities, foods and the basic needs for the holy month of Ramadan, will not prevent even the poor families from fasting.
The long hours of fasting from the dawn (pre-sun rise) to the sunset needs special kinds of foods and fresh traditional juices, hot drinks. We need to pay careful attention to the selection of food items during Iftar at the sunset and Suhor at the pre-dawn.
It is important to break the fast with balance diet ensuring that the essential needs of our bodies are met. These foods include sodium, potassium which is lost due to sweating especially in summer season.
It is also important to avoid the unhealthy foods during Ramadan, foods that may make some trouble to the stomach. Usually meal in Ramadan is very simple starts the day with enough fuel to get you through. Traditional foods are preferable related mainly with the local food culture and local food components which differ from one area to another.
It is noticeable that when the sun set, the table or Darah (the place where people are gathering to have their iftar with their neighbors outside their houses ), it is filled with different kinds of foods includes Aseeda, kissra, bread as well as healthy stews and soup, light foods and some salads, yogurt salad , some meats , fish, chickens, beside fresh traditional juice of Lemon, grapefruits, orange, Karkade ,(Hulu mur )the local Sudanese traditional juice .
Sahor (Pre-dawn) and iftar at the sun set both, these meals are consider part of fasting. They should be well-balance and contain items from each group such as vegetables, cereals, meat dairy products and fruits.
Sahor needs to be wholesome to provide energy to last during the long hours of fasting. In addition to make balance in drinking fresh water to avoid the risks and threats of drinking these huge amount of water .The natural rate of the body need that vary between 2-3 liters per day. The best kinds of healthy foods will assist to observe fasting in correct and peaceful way.

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