Freedom and Change Reject Early Elections, Affirm Continuation of Peaceful Escalation

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum- The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) announced its refusal to holding early elections within six months in case of the absence of an agreement on the sovereignty council within the ongoing negotiations between them and the Transitional Military Council (TMC).
Member of FDFC Medani Abbas Medani said in a press conference held at the premises of the Sudanese Banks Union here yesterday holding of the elections in the next six months is an attempt to legitimize the old regime that FDFC seeks to eliminate it, considering that the deep state is still present, affirming that they want a joint document with the TMC that upholds the demands of the revolution.
He said that the FDFC wants direct negotiations, reiterating call on the TMC to transfer power to the civilians, indicating that the FDFC would hand over its reply to the mediation in writing on some of the positive points and the points made to overcome differences with the TMC.
 He stressed their rejection to exclusion of anybody, affirming continuation of the sit-in and call for civil disobedience in the absence of an agreement, saying that escalation is not a goal but a means to reach the goals of the revolution, stressing their commitment to the peaceful means and non-enter into confrontations.
 The Freedom and Change alliance said that some armed movements are part of the process of change that has taken place in Sudan and that dialogue is continuing with them about linking them to what is going on, stressing that the complexity will be around the SPLM-N- Al Hilo and SLM- Abdel Wahid where the FDFC requested to sit with them to be part of this process.
  In the same context, the leading member of FDFC, Omar Al Deqir, expressed his optimism to reach an agreement with the TMC in the near future and hoped not to exceed the first quarter of Ramadan month, affirming existence of differences, but it is not deep.

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