High Representation for the Youth in Forthcoming Government: Al-Digeir

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – The head of the Sudanese congress party and the member of the Freedom and Change Forces (FCF), Omar Al-Digeir, says that now Sudan has been in a state of labor that is plagued with differences between the transitional military council (TMC) and FCF, explaining that while TMC opts for a military government, FCF desires a civilian one but with limited representation of the military.
Regarding the deposed president Al Bashir, he says that they are the pioneers when it comes to have him being sent to the international criminal court to stand trial there, affirming that they are mainly after the domination of justice. ‘But, sure, if it is seen that the file should be left to the coming authorized transitional government to decide upon, it is okay’, calling on TMC to immediately transfer power so that the deeply rooted state will be got rid of.
On the participation of the national congress party (NCP) in the institutions of the transitional government, Al Digeir says that it should not, pointing out the forthcoming elections are the legitimate area for NCP to take part in.
On the issue of the other political entities, he advises them to change themselves radically for accommodation of the youth within their ranks. ‘This pattern can be attained via the designing of a tight address that is much illuminating, modern and national’.
The head of the Sudanese congress party and the member FCF goes on to elaborate on the same theme like this; since the youth are the voice and the spirit of the revolution, they should enjoy high representation in the forthcoming government.
Al Digeir concludes his remarks to say that hopefully TMC is to transfer power smoothly to FCF without even the least interference, internally and externally.

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