Mohammed Mahjoub

Decision-making is not easy as it seemed, maybe it is, for small actions, walking or jogging, sleep or read a book, what to wear, in fact, this one is the hardest decision ever for women, but what about big life turn and real struggles, decide to sober from alcohol by admission to a rehab center, to quit gambling, to marry and make a family or to establish a small business. This isn’t easy anymore.
At the early phase of our lives, on behalf of us, there was someone to decide, when we were kids parent made everything, we just have to play and hang out, then when we were teenagers they left some space because they won’t last forever, one day we shall have the control, we may lead a study group at university, a department at work, a family, a community or maybe a whole country as well. There is no place for “I don’t know what to do” we can’t say we don’t know when people ask us about our decision toward a certain situation that may influence our lives or others’.
Some people stuck in an infinite-loop for choosing the wrong decision, they have to deal with consequences. I think decision-making like math, you have to prove the hypothesis either true or false since we hate math everything makes nonsense. We should change our relationship with math; we have to calculate the probability of every option available on the table, to narrow the search field, to minimize the losses. To solve a complex problem you have to recreate it from the first node, tracking every possible path defining where it leads, what will happen if you change the inputs, the direction or even create another path, you have to visualize it in your brain at the same time predicate any possible result, soon, the table will be fewer options, trash will be full of distracting ones those may cost you a lot because you just followed the wrong track. This is how artificial neural networks decide, we are amazed by how robots solve impossible puzzles, how they think, how they do this and that? Unfortunately, we teach them, meanwhile, we can’t even do small summation process without a calculator, how stupid we are?
The neural network is inside our brain, the simple algorithm “if else statement” starts from the first two inputs A and B both lead to a result “node” after numerous nodes a network will be formed. We just
computerized this network, pure math at its originality, then algorithms, then decision-making, a tool and now they control our aero planes, it is true that we create artificial intelligence but behind the scene, we were re-creating natural stupidity which was extended since dark ages.
Imagine that, if we apply this concept to every decision we have to make? In addition to “hunch”- which is organisms exclusive character- I think everything will be different, even, if things don’t come in the right place we won’t bother our self by the consequences as long as we feel satisfied.

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