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Since it assumed power after deposing the former president Omar Al Bashir, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) has been carrying out the legislative and executive powers in Sudan. So far so good. The Council has proved itself as an organized and disciplined body. It appears as a well knowing governing sovereignty. Every day it gains support from the public. Its speakers and representatives in the dialogue sessions with the political organizations have showed high degrees of efficiency and awareness. They seem to be more understanding to the political and social affairs in Sudan than the representatives of the political and social organizations themselves. On the other side the political parties failed to present themselves in the shape of responsible elements that are qualified for governing. On the contrary, they are still conflicting among each other, sometimes in “childish” manners. For those reasons and others, now more people in Sudan are putting their trust in the military council.
The military council said that it is ready to hand over the rule to the civilians the time those civilians agree on an accepted formula on the transitional period. The Junta don’t seem to be in a hurry. They are waiting in a kind of “patience” that is not one of the characteristics of the military personnel. But the “dilemma” is that if the military council is going to wait for the political parties to agree on an accepted formula for the transitional period, it has to wait for a long time, because that agreement is the “fourth impossibility”! Not only is the agreement impossible among the political parties and social organizations, but the agreement is difficult among the ranks of one political party. This situation is not favorable for people that are eagerly looking forward to have a government to solve their problems. The question is how long are the Sudanese ready to wait?
Patience has limits. This is the slogan of the people of Sudan. It has to be the slogan of the military council. The military council has to move forward. It has a (package) of options to move forward and shake this stagnation in the political arena. It has said that one of those options is to call for early elections within six months. The other option is to form a “technocrat government” to steer the daily affairs and to set the theater for the general elections. Both or each option will be widely accepted by the public. So, what are you waiting for military council? Do it now Junta! Don’t hesitate and on the blessing of Allah.

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness
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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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