It Is the Transitional Government, not TMC, to Sweep the Mess: Medani

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Prominent cadre of the Freedom and Change Forces (FCF), Medani Abbas Medani, says that formation of government depends on the reaching of agreement, explaining they do not desire to carry out something as such unilaterally. ‘But, if the transitional military council (TMC) is to insist on behaving unheedingly and indifferently, then this is the time that they are to react.
He goes on to elaborate on the same theme like this; ‘the fact that now we have been enjoying an atmosphere of democracy, differences in viewpoints are expected and normal, adding that what is important here is how to overcome and administer them rationally and competently.
On the arrival of SPLM/N’s delegation to Khartoum, Medani praises the move as something that is quite positive, indicating that they should not repeat past mistakes, especially the incident that follows the 1985 uprising against former president Ja’afar Nimeiri. ‘Although the new government was formed, but, regrettably, a very crucial issue was just ignored; peace’,
affirming that such a thing is one of the strongest factors to undermine the position of democracy at that time.
The prominent cadre of FCF stresses the conduct of consultation with the armed groups to involve them to become part and parcel of governance structure, confirming that all the components of FCF have consensus over this subject matter-no economic and political reforms without realization of peace.
And he concludes his remarks by giving a definition for the deep rooted state, affirming that the one that is to sweep such a thing is the coming transitional government, not TMC.

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