Sudan vision View: Youth Role in Making the Community Revolution

The Sudanese youth managed last December to make an unprecedented uprising in the history of the region.
The question that poses itself is what are the factors provided to those youth to enable them dismantle an iron-fist repressive regime which ruled for three decades?
The first merit is that the youth believed strongly in their issue whatever sacrifices.
The second merit is that the ages and culture of those youth a almost the same supported by their enthusiasm and idealism.
The third merit is their selection of a leadership from their generation which did not involve in any of the political defile.
The fourth merit is the strict compliance to the directives of the leadership which they do not know; but it is the strong spiritual linkage behind a noble goal.
Those strong merits of the youth enabled them to achieve a brilliant political miracle.
It is high time to utilize the energies of our youth to achieve a community miracle not less if not better than the political miracle.
The community crisis in the Sudanese life is the biggest obstacle for development.
The youth should start organizing themselves on the levels of villages, districts, localities, and states to provide pioneering communal services that make change on the lives of the citizens through changing the conduct of the public.
We can propose some of those services which should be voluntarily to attract the citizens and that could be through certain timetables and deadlines besides increasing the awareness among the citizens on the benefit of the project to be implemented.
For instance the youth can launch tree planting campaign to cover the parks, schools, mosques, churches, public institutions besides cleaning the streets and parks along with dumps collection in a way that guarantees the continuation of the work.
The youth can contribute in controlling the traffic according to the regulations and also supervising the resellers and the centers offering discounts on the prices of the commodities.
The youth can lead health and literacy campaigns especially in the rural areas.
The youth could do those jobs under the supervision of the concerned government institutions and that could contribute in our country’s revival.

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