Which is Better … To Improve Livelihood or Economy?

Neimat al Naiem

Since 19th December 2018, the first sparkle of the peaceful youth revolution demanding to thrown the 30 years regime that kicked off from the different towns and cities all over Sudan, demonstrations are still going on. This revolution started with limited demands for the basic needs of food, fuel and money from the different Banks and ATMs.
Sudan sit-in continued for more 4 months. Demonstrators and revolutionaries from all states of Sudan headed to Khartoum the capital to share their brothers and sisters this unique peaceful revolution that presented a free lesson to the whole world.
To end a 30 years regime that governed Sudan by one political party of the former National Congress Party (NCP), is not easy task, it is more complicated as any can imagine. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) that running the internal, regional and international affairs of Sudan has a lot to do. All people are waiting to come out from this long bottle neck.
There are many economic difficulties hit Sudanese life in general in the rural areas as well as the urban one. Lack of fuel is at the top list, lack of liquidity and cash in the different Banks. Despite efforts being exerted here and there, there is still lot of difficulties and daily suffering in the living of the people.
Forming of the new transitional government is the essential and important requirement for the coming era. It is the top priority for the new Sudan. Political stability will lead to economic stability. This economic stability needs joint and urgent strategies, policies and plans to be implemented as soon as possible.
To improve the people living is one of the basic and important requirements. This process will be preceded by improving economy through increasing production, and exporting; besides developing the national industries, and to rehabilitate the stopped factories in the different parts of Sudan.
Economic experts believe in improving economy is the top priority. Increasing individual incomes in the public and private sectors is important, along with Increasing the private business and joint enterprises among the youth to play their role in development. It is important for Sudan during this period to realize peace, security and stability which is automatically lead to economic stability and development.

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