News Report: The Damages Resulting from Blocking of Roads… Who is Benefitting?

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Khartoum- The Security Committee of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) has decided immediate opening of roads and passages to ease movement of transport in all its forms in the national capital and the states as it called in a statement issued on the 22nd. of April, 2019 on the citizens and all sectors of the community to assist the security authorities by reporting any negative phenomena that affect security, safety and the daily life of the citizens.
What is important is that this committee pointed out that there were circles that work in the opposite of this direction by carrying out some negative and unacceptable practices including blocking of roads and bridges, searching operations besides obstructing movements of the citizens, public transport, trains and trucks a matter that led to preventing delivery of the needs of the citizens in the states. It also referred to promotion and use of drugs in the public street in a direct targeting to the youth minds.
Meanwhile,TMC Chairman 1st. Lt. Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al Burhan has denounced the negative phenomena that affect the prestige of the state and pose insult to the protestors such as (blocking of roads and searches).
Some 15 decisions and statements have been issued for opening roads and combating the negative phenomena as TMC and its security committee had warned from dangers posed by blocking of roads and security instability phenomena.
The practice of roads blocking has led to the soaring of prices in the states in a dangerous way and absence of some basic commodities which are important for the life of the citizens.
Director of the Railways Corporation Engineer Fadul Abdallah has pointed out that blocking of the movement of trains since the 6th. of last April has prevented movement of 500 carriages loaded with food materials destined to Kordofan and Darfur states.
He explained in a statement to SUNA that the loaded materials, whose value amounts to billions of Sudanese pounds, are susceptible o spoiling.
The honorable Sudanese revolution has erupted to end injustices from the Sudanese people and their living hardship as these negative measures undermine the goals of the revolution.

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