Al Burhan: Hidden Circles Opened Fire on Demonstrators and Armed Forces, Vows to Arrest Culprits

By: Al Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum- The Chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), 1st. Lt. Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al Burhan, has accused circles that he described as hidden ones of opening fire on the demonstrators and the armed forces before the General Command of the Armed Forces, vowing arrest of the culprits and bringing them before just court.
Al Burhan said in a press statement following funeral prayers for the martyr of the Armed Forces at the General Command at dawn yesterday according to Assayha newspaper that there were circles who were not pleased of what had been achieved between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) in their meeting on Monday.
He vowed to arrest the circles responsible for the crime and bringing them before justice, calling for self-restraint and non-escalation, indicating that there are circles that want to create sedition between the revolutionaries and the TMC.
The bloody incidents at the sit-in square before the general command and around it Monday night led to the killing of five persons including an officer, besides wounding a number of others.
The TMC disclosed that there are hidden elements and outlaw persons who carry weapons and targeting the Armed Forces, Rapid Support Forces and other regular forces as well as the protestors at the sit-in to create sedition an chaos.
The Chief of Joint Staff, 1st. Lt. Gen. Hashim Ahmed Al Motalab affirmed in a press conference held by the commanders of the Armed Forces and RSF at the Ministry of Defense yesterday that the Armed Forces is keen on the protection of the revolution of the people.
The Spokesman of TMC, Lt. Gen. Shams-Eddin Kabbashi, said these circles were worried by the progress that had been realized in the negotiations between the TMC and FDFC so that they utilized the situation to create sedition in the country, stressing that the Armed Forces will not tolerate destabilizing the security, reiterating commitment of the council to continue the negotiations with FDFC.
Lt. Gen. Kabbashi declared that the two parties are to reach a final solution especially that they realized advanced results and agreed on the structures of governance of the transitional authority.
The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has said that there are circles and groups that are targeting the revolution, pointing out that these circles were worried by the progress realized in the talks between the TMC and FDFC, saying that these circles are working to abort any progress in the negotiations that would end the crisis in the country.
A statement issued by RSF said that groups had infiltrated Monday to the sit-in square and a number of other sites and opened fire on the protestors besides carrying out security violations at the sit-in area and outside it. They also committed provocative acts against the citizens and the regular forces that are protecting them
The RSF called on the citizens to be aware of these groups who target RSF, the Armed Forces and other regular forces, reiterating that these groups are working fervently to abort realization of the goals of the revolution.
The statement reiterated that the RSF would not heed calls by these groups that aim at creating sedition between the RSF and the protestors, saying that the RSF is carrying out its national role fully in protecting the achievements of the revolution.

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