Kutum Returned to Normality to after 14 years Due to RSF Intervention which also freed a Swiss Aid Worker

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On November 2017 North Darfur town of Kutum has been noted for its charming beauty, landscape and peaceful coexistence, whose outstanding beauty was sung by poets. Unfortunately, the two has gone through mounting difficulties, insecurity and dire conditions due to the war, robbery and banditry acts by gangs, who were capitalizing on the extraordinary situations not only in the town but in the entire region. Things have started to get to normal and the local residents have notably begun to go about farming and day-to-day business – thanks to military reinforcements and the restoration of order and the rule of law by the government after 14 years of bloodshed therein.
Prior to the entry of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to the heart of the town, the local residents were engulfed in fear of dear, horror and nobody ever ventured out during nights. The arrival of the RSF was greeted with jubilations and celebratory atmosphere, especially by women. The forces managed to free a Swiss female aid worker, who had been held captive there for 37 days. After being freed, the Swiss aid worker expressed her gratitude to the RSF for saving her from death and potential risks that might have been done to her by her kidnappers. The governor of North Darfur noted that all plans for recovery and development in the states were crippled by the proliferation of weapons in the state. At a ceremony he held to honor the commander of RSF, Himeidti, the governor admitted the locals have long been yearning for security and peace, which he said has eventually returned to the region – thanks to tremendous sacrifices by armed forces and other security organs. The governor pointed to remarkable operations by the RSF and contributions to restoring security across Darfur and many regions of Sudan.
He further noted that before the Presidential decision to disarm civilians, weapons of various types were in the hands of individuals. He called on all persons carrying arms to surrender them to the army or the RSF without any procrastination. He added that the security authority have discovered heavy weapons cache in the area, noting that security authorities are aware of the existence and the whereabouts of weapons. He added that persons hiding arms better surrender them to concerned authority or else risks facing accountability and imprisonment. Following his appointment as governor of North Darfur, has prioritized the restoration of security, order and public peace across the state by making bald decisions to that end. The security decisions bore fruits and the 18 localities of North Darfur are currently reaping the fruits of stability, security and public peace. He warned native administration leaders and tribal chiefs against protecting criminals, adding that criminals are using their tribes as “shields”. According to the governor the coming period will be a period of enforcing the rule of law, and that the government’s harsh steps were not meant for intimidating the residents by are in aid of restoring order and public peace. He underscored that ability of security and the state authority to deal with criminals and outlaws, revealing the intention to end unexceptional high security and the emergency state in Darfur to ensure the voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their former homes of origin as soon as possible.
The governor also promised to redouble efforts to provide basic services such as health, water, education and constructing roads, especially in the locality of Kutum, assuring that the government will administer justice and ensure equality for all. He pointed to arrests for individuals involved in previous criminal acts, who are currently serving 6 months in prison, according to him. He denied the occupation by nomads of villages and areas deserted by refugees fleeing fighting, describing entry of the nomads in the regions in question as normal, stressing that the nomads are on mobility and have no intention to resettle in those areas. He called upon residents not to listen to solutions coming from France, arguing that remedies to Darfur problems lies in the hands of the indigenous inhabitants of the region not overseas.
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