Not Even One Gram of Gold to Be Smuggled Abroad: Himeidti

Ahmed Ibrahim

Now, no two wise persons disagree about the role that is appreciatively played by the Rapid Supportive Forces (RSF) that is led by First Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Himeidti Daglo, Deputy Chairperson of the Transitional Military Council. Such a trend is well manifested in many present and past incidents. To begin with, RSF contributes vigorously and unmistakably in the combat of illegal human trading, arms collection, thus the ending radically of tribal wars which have resulted in many deaths and injuries. RSF provides security to Darfur’s villagers and farmers who are wrongly classified by the former regime as being part and parcel of the rebellion- a move that is largely welcomed by all the segments of the population there.
This illuminating pattern also extends to cover other areas, such as West Kordofan state. There SRF manages to restore valuable properties that have been stolen from the Zakat Chamber at Al-Khuwei locality. The thieves are caught and they will stand trial before courts. The move of RSF is well approved by the residents there.
Likewise, SRF succeeds to abort sabotage works in Al-Taif quarter, East of Khartoum. Huge amounts of guns, ammunitions and digital explosives are caught there. Of course, an occurrence as such is not without bad intension to realize; to undermine the security and stability of the country catastrophically.
Even in the ongoing revolution that toppled the former salvation regime, RSF is not the exclusion. When former president Al Bashir orders the killing of the protesters who sit-in at the military command headquarters, commander Daglo immediately rejected the plot to announce his unlimited support to the revolutionaries- a stance that remains unchanged up to this very moment.
Now, although he assumes an official position- deputy chairperson of TMC, but still his popularity is on the increase. Himeidti is still being collectively viewed as the genuine guarantor to Sudan’s security and stability and inspirational symbol of the revolution. His patriotic words he utters when meeting with delegations at the Republican Palace and elsewhere reflects this. For instance, when meeting with the union of the mining factory employers, he says this; ‘from this very moment, we do not want to see even one gram of gold being smuggled outside the country. He added any contract with the foreign companies that is void of any advantage or interest to Sudan, is not binding to us‘.
It happens that when he meets with the native administration leaderships, he addresses them like this; in order to have peace that is to dominate the whole country; the forthcoming period should witness full and fair representation of all the states. He concluded his remarks to express recognition of the popular upheaval, affirming the adherence of the Sudanese armed forces to Sudanese will.

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