RSF in Alignment with the Demonstrators Aspirations

Sudan Vision

The Rapid Support Forces ( RSF) , along with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) painted a bright palette of national action, impartiality and bias towards the Sudanese citizens who were eager to change.
The leader of the RSF, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammad Hamdan (Hamidti), responsibly and impartially dealt with issue of the sit- in as a statesman, a matter that enabled the youth revolution to succeed in toppling the salvation regime without a drop of blood at a time when it was possible for the country to slip into an abyss.
SAF and the RSF maintained the peaceful sit-in area.
The circumstances experienced by the country in the past days, and the state of congestion pushed the RSF leader to the national duty, and the bloodshed and chaos.
It was the circumstances that necessitated dealing with the policy, and the RSF dealt with professionalism, discipline, and enviable efficiency.
RSF was criticized by the skeptics and the detractors who were still trying to harm it and its leaders.
They did not care about those disillusioned voices that tried to undermine their recognized national role.
The role played by the RSF in contributing to the security of the country, and the pursuit of armed movements in their dens and crushed them Goz Dango famous battle, deserves appreciation from Sudanese people
The SRF also contributed in combating human-trafficking a matter which found blessing from the regional and international agencies.
RSF provided a rare example of the armed forces in the alignment of the will and desire of the people as it stood with them in his desires and aspirations for change.
They deserve the confidence of the people.
They extended their work to great roles in social responsibility e.g. providing water plants to the rural areas and remote villages.
As they were in the areas of operations, they built hospitals and provided aid
In the past few days, the slanderers, who want chaos and instability for our country, have been waiting for the swift dissolution of RSF from the national ranks.
They have been disappointed, because the RSF proved to be not only rapid support but also presented model nationalism

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