Time to Govern without Limit is Over: Ardoul

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Mubarak Ardoul, head of SPLM/ N’s advance delegation to Khartoum, says that their coming back home is not void of a message to convey; the former system has been successfully removed, going further to affirm their ultimate support to the unity of the country.
In his estimation, two things should be promptly realized; peace and the democratic transformation, explaining that the pattern is not without fruits to reap; any Sudanese will be in a position to move freely, anywhere and anytime. He pointed out that they in SPLM/N are vigorously urging to establish the state of equality for which they have never ceased to achieve.
Ardoul says that although the struggle should continue unendingly, but the means and tools this time should change; not violently, but, rather peacefully.
The head of SPLM/ N’s advance delegation sees that now it is high time for work and construction which is the responsibility of all, indicating that the bad phenomena such as stealing, looting and corruption, should immediately get eliminated.
With regard to the two areas and Darfur, Ardoul says that they should not be absent from the agendas of negotiations presently, emphasizing that the deep rooted state is till existent and which strives hard to impede all efforts for change, adding that they in SPLM/N have pledged to struggle till it is to be wholly got rid of.
He concludes his remarks to say this; now it is high time for people to genuinely participate in choosing freely the president to rule them, explaining that the time of being governed unlimitedly is over and has become a story of the past.

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