Bajnews Obtains List of Figures of Former Regime Detained in Kober Prison


Khartoum- Bajnews has obtained full list of the figures of the former regime, who are now being detained at Kober Prison.
Reliable sources have disclosed to Bajnews that the list comprises deposed president Omer Al Bashir and his former deputy Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Nafie Ali Nafie, Awad Al Jaz, Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, Ahmed Haroun, Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed Yusuf Kibir, Mohamed Hatim Suliman, Abu-Horaira Hussein, Mohamed Ahmed Haj Magid, Mamoun Homaidah, Kamal-Eddin Abdel-Gadir, Kamal-Eddin Ibrahim, Al Haj Attalmanan, Nur-Eddayem, Adam Al Faki, Abdallah Al Bashir, Al Fatih Izz-Eddin, Hamid Sidek, Abdel-Basit Hamzah and Ali Yusuf Al Sammani.
The sources said Al Bashir is sole one who is receiving special treatment in the prison as his cell has a refrigerator, air-conditioner, a bed besides a small refrigerator for medicines.
According to details received by Bajnews Ali Osman Mohamed Taha was referred to Police Hospital once where he underwent medical checkups as Abu-Horiarah Hussein was referred to the Military Hospital twice.

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