Electricity Workers Protest


Khartoum- The electricity workers organized Monday protests at the premises of the Sudanese Company for Electricity Distribution at the same time of a press conference announced by the company’s director general which did not took place.
Big numbers of the workers and technician of the company have participated in the protests demanding the resume of the National Electricity Corporation and to be separated from the Water Corporation.
The electricity workers have indicated that the electricity cuts are not intentionally made by the workers, pointing to the existence of many problems facing the workers in the company such as the, generation, transport and distribution.
The workers have counted number of problems facing the electrical stations represented in the electricity weakness, the excessive loads in some stations and the faults that occur in the network (cable, air cables), which need time to return the electricity , in addition to the cashes problem for the commitment of financial obligations to the workers.
The workers demanded the resignation of the General Director of the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company and the Deputy Director General, Abdel Raziq Ahmed Yousif and the Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs of the Holding Company Abdulat.

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