SPLM/N to deliberate with SPA and the Political Parties in Khartoum

By: Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum-SPLM-N advance delegation headed by Mubark Ardoul , the spokesman of the SPLM/N began series of intensive meetings in Khartoum including the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA), in addition to leaders of some political parties particularly those who signed to the declaration of Freedom and Change .
The SPLM-N advance delegation arrived in Khartoum recently preparing for the arrival of the leaders of the SPLM-N headed by Yasir Arman the Deputy Chairperson, and Khamees the Secretary General.
Ardoul held meetings with Sadiq al Mahdi, head of Ummah Party, Jalab, besides leaders at Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) , and the secretariats of the SPA , Mohamed Naji al Asam as representative of the SPA and some others .
Ehessan AbdulAziz from the SPLM-N assured the importance of building strategic relations between the armed struggle and the professionals to build a Civil Democratic State.
It worth mentioning that the advance delegate had visited Sudan sit-in area and suggested the importance of opening the crossings and the humanitarians tracks in the Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and Darfur . Beside taking decisions for the sake of displaced and refuges and releasing the war prisoners, and to sign comprehensive peace agreement to end the war .

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