Sudan Foundation to Contribute in Socio-Economic Development

Neimat al Naiem

Sudan Vision highlights in a series of interviews on economic issues and the development process and the successful models and stories of governmental, national and private economic bodies in the country.
Sudan Vision Reporter Neimat al Naiem interviewed Engineer Mohamed Hassan Judabi the CEO of Sudan Foundation to shed light on the main objectives and aims of the Foundation since its establishment as a voluntary and non-profitable organization in 2015. He shed light on the activities of his Foundation in more than 20 minutes in well-organized ideas. He knows what to say.
Q: Engineer Mohamed Hassan Judabi, it is our great pleasure to sit to you today in Sudan Foundation, this huge name what is behind it?
A: You are welcome Sudan Vision in Sudan Foundation. It is a voluntary organization, non-profitable organization. It was founded in 2015.
Q: For sure it has aims and objectives to serve Sudan, how can you explain that?
A: As I mentioned it was founded in 2015 to contribute in Socio- Economic development of Sudan, water security, food security, generating labor opportunities through continuous training targeted the youth in this regard. The main aim is to realize socio-economic development in the market.
I believe that Sudan has rich, variable and valuable resources and can present successful experiments in the agricultural, animal and productive fields that will increase product and productivity as one of the goals of development in Sudan.
Q: In what areas or fields does Sudan Foundation work?
A: Sudan Foundation works to support the private sector in the fields of studies, networking, financing, and forming models through training and capacity building.
Q: Engineer Judabi, how could you see the development process going on?
A: We focus mainly on the most important issues of water harvest as a strategic project of environment , socio-economic impact and their vision in increasing creating successful output of the correct exploitation of water issues . He pointed out that there more than 151 billion of cubic meters of out the River Nile.
In addition to the new and renewable energies, such as solar energy, winds energy. He also tackled the importance of digging new more wells (Hafeers) in the different states of Sudan in Kassala, Gedarif, Khartoum, North Darfur, South Darfur, Kordofan and Sennar.
Q: How do you see, Engineer Judabi, the importance of partnerships in this regards?
A: We think external partnerships are very important and models to benefit from their experiences noted to the partnerships with Turkey, German, Qatar, Egypt and other countries. In addition to the networking, financing.
Q: Increasing production will support the development process, your comment please?
A: Development process is a battle that all people should work to win it. In the field of agricultural product that begins from promoting and developing irrigation systems, irrigation by springing and the modern systems of irrigation. The most important part is the other technologies, beside the crops formula and its distribution in Sudan.
Q: To what extent do you think they are well distributed in all parts of Sudan?
A: Actually we need to concentrate on the distribution of production in all parts of Sudan such as wheat in the north Sudan, Sugar in the center, Dura and sesame in Gedarif , Sennar and Blue Nile to recognize with Sudan potentials .
The animal production, we say that Sudan has very huge animal resources, but the benefit is very weak, so we need to develop new kinds of animals, to develop the pastures, to benefit from the waste of slaughtered animals. Sudan has more than 100 million heads of livestock. We export the live meat, and the world overcome
He concluded by their future Vision through developing its strategy to implement all scheduled programmes in the different fields, economic, social, cultural in collaboration with all sectors in the society .

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