Why the Delay?

Dr. Siddig Ahmed Elbashir Elkenan

Since the outbreak and the success of the second April Revolution all Sudanese except the supporters of the deposed regime are eagerly waiting for the formation of the civil government of technocrats, the differences between the Transitional Military Council and the Technocrats cause the delay of the formation. All the Political Parties and the Armed Movements agreed not to participate in the Transitional Period to prepare themselves for the coming elections. We must respect the Revolutionists and those who are carrying a sit in for offering their souls to save the Sudan from the so called Salvation Revolution which destroyed the country disfiguring its face locally, regionally and internationally. The technocrats must put their differences behind choosing those who participate in the Transitional Period government and the Transitional Military Council must concede to Technocrats by choosing five representatives for the Sovereign Council thus they can put an end to their differences, because the situation does not bear any delay. We must our hands in supplication to thank Allah Who saved our country from the Ousted Despot and his supporters who stole the wealth of our country, committed genocides, intervening into other countries affairs such as Yemen, obstructing the development and in the name of Islam which they are so far from it  they isolated our country from the World and it was classified a terrorist country included in the list of terrorism and the results were the imposing of the economic sanctions.
Finally my advice to the Transitional Military Council and the Technocrats Gathering is to put their differences behind for the interest of our beloved country. Our country had passed three failed experiences of military rule which destroyed the country, obstructing the development and disfiguring the foreign relations, so there will be no chance to any military rule. The Armed Forces must defend the country leaving the rule for the Politicians and there must be cooperation between them. Our profuse thanks and respect to the Rapid Support Forces, the Armed Forces and the Police Forces which protect the Demonstrators participating in the success of the Revolution

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