Youth Not Affiliating to Any Entity: Minawi

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Chairperson of the Sudan liberation movement, Arko Minawi, says that they are part and parcel of the freedom and change forces, confessing that their main concern currently is the issue of the internally displaced persons and how they are to be returned backs to their places of origin, pointing out that anybody that is to be imposed as the reality on the ground, should be accepted to immediately get engaged in resolving the country’s historical crises. ‘I mean by this is the drastic restructure of the Sudanese state’.
He goes to say that the issue of administering the country based on the formula of unity in diversity is their ultimate goal, disclosing that they happen to be in a state of connectedness with Himeidti with regard to the areas of conflict- even before being appointed as the deputy chairperson of the transitional military council, explaining that their common enemy since independence, are Sudan’s successive governments which are utterly dominated by the policies of the centre.
Minawi says that they happen to be in contact with Salah Gosh who is a person of vision to solve the crises, disclosing that they later learn that such a thing is halted by the group of Amin Hassan Omar who are very influential in the former regime.
The chairperson of Sudan liberation movement calls for the giving of special heed to the issues of youth who are proven as the genuine forces to reflect the opinion of the street. ‘These young persons should not be categorized as affiliating to any entity, partisan and none’.
He concludes his remarks like this; ‘we should not repeat the past experiences of October and April’, adding that it is not the whole problem, but rather an extension of the accumulating historical crises.

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