Plan B

When the Islamists took over power by a military coup in 1989, they did their utmost to create a good image for themselves in the public mind. Proclaiming that self-sufficiency was the first priority, they coined the motto, “ we eat what we grow and we wear what we manufacture ”.They shouted slogans against USA and Russia claiming that they were the mortal enemies of Islam as well as they were the roots of all evils on earth. Holy war was then declared on the sworn enemies of Sudan, inside and outside, who had left no stone unturned in their efforts to destroy it and spoil the faith of its people. Great masses of people were mobilized and motivated to wage war and fight for the sake of Allah by joining the Popular Defense Forces. The fighters of the Popular Defense enchanted people and struck them with awe through their war songs. The state television had been broadcasting a show that glorified the fighters’ sacrifices in the battlefields and told amazing stories about what the Mujahideen had seen in the hereafter – maidens with large, beautiful eyes – gardens and springs .Thus, the Mujahideen, prompted by gaining one of two blessings : either victory or martyrdom, fought fierce battles against the Popular Movement in the South of Sudan. They won victory over it many times and forced it to accept dialogue. In the meantime, oil production started in the South and self-sufficiency in food production was achieved. People were impressed by the determination of the Islamists in facing challenges.
The first decade had passed and they were dressed up to the nines. What happened then? They started to destroy their state with their own hands. A sharp dispute over power arose between Al-Bashår and At-Turabi who was the religious and spiritual leader of the group. At the peak of their conflict, At-Turabi depicted Al-Bashår as Pharaoh. The strong cords of friendship, love and respect changed immediately to blatant enmity, hatred and disrespect. And hence, the Islamists split into two rival factions and At-Turabi established the Popular Conference Party. The PCP became a thorn in the side of the NCP and showed hostility towards it. At- Turabi himself released many statements criticizing the polices of the NCP on a number of issues. He was imprisoned and released many times for his opposing views. In spite of all what was said about the bad blood between the two men, some people  strongly believe that they were on the same page. They cite many examples for their claims and allegations.
Some of these examples are related to At -Turabu’s character and some are based on living examples taken from his political conduct and performance. In their point of view, At-Turabi was famous for being brilliant, cute, shrewd, cunning and experienced in politics. In view of these exceptional qualities, they eliminate the possibility of taking a step that would destroy his long waited dream that had finally come true. As they say, the man had been working day and night offering blood, sweat, and tears to have his Islamic Programme applied. With regard to At -Turabi’s political practices and maneuvers, the skeptics cite two examples for their doubts about the reality of the conflict that had appeared on the surface. First, they say, At-Turabi had made it clear on many occasions that he was the mastermind of the 1989 military coup. “ I will go to ¡ober Prison and you go to the Palace ”.said At-Turabi addressing Al -Bashår. Second ,during the last demonstrations that toppled the regime ,a prominent figure in the Popular Congress Party said that they wouldn’t let the ship sink .In my opinion the skeptics are right. It might be that At-Turabi had thought of laying out a plan B to secure the continuity of his party in the political arena. Therefore, he played with two cards : the NCP on the table and the PCP in his sleeve. Does plan B work with the new government? Let us wait and see if these speculations are correct.

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