I Witness: Dead End!

The negotiations between the ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the representatives of the Freedom and Change Alliance (FCA) took acute turns and ups and downs. At the time the supporters and leaders of the (FCA) were quite “optimistic”, thinking that the rule of Sudan was at their hand reach, things didn’t go that way. The optimism of the (FCA) circles was not built on solid grounds. Things are not that easy. The rule of Sudan cannot fall in the laps of these dreamers in this easy way. Other powers are not ready to let that happen. Most of the masses of Sudanese think that the (FCA) are not qualified to have the absolute power over them. The Sudanese people don’t trust most of the components of the (FCA. So when the (TMC) and the (FCA) said that they had reached an agreement, most of the people of Sudan were skeptical! Due to long series of mistakes committed by the supporters of the (FCA), the military council suspended the talks for 72 hours.
When the talks were resumed, hopes with the (FCA) representatives went up again, but every analyst or observer to the Sudanese scene was sure of the result that was reached by the two sides late Monday: the talks were suspended, indefinitely! The two sides reached this “most expected” result after two days of talks. The talks came to “dead end”! They should. What else can the result be?! The representatives of the (FCA) are asking the “impossible”! They think that they have all the cards on the table. They think that the military are weak. They think that the demonstrators at the “sit-in” yard are the strongest card that will compel the military to give them what they want.
But the military are not thinking that way. They have special responsibility towards the rest of the Sudanese people. They are responsible for the safety and integrity of the whole nation, not only the sit-in demonstrators. Although the (TMC) was the strongest hand in the change that toppled the regime, the (FCA) wanted them out of the scene in shaping and running the transitional period. The (TMC) is not the army. In addition to the army, it includes the security, the police and (Rapid Support Forces), chaired by the strong man, First Lt. Gen. Mohammad Hamdan Daglo, better known as “Himeidti”. So excluding these forces from the formula, “as the FCA dream” is the factor that leads to the dead end!

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness
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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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